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Translation Service

Translation by PIM Translation Co., Ltd.

English – Thai and Thai – English Translation:
-    Contract and Agreement;
-    Memorandum of Understanding (MOU);
-    Documents used in legal proceedings;
-    Legal documents used in Visa application;
-    Legal documents certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
-    Financial Statements;
-    Express translation;
-    Etc.
Full 20-year experiences in translation.
Translation services provided by the owner standby for express translation.
Certification of translation by Expert of Court of Justice.
Notarizing all of the documents by notary public

Office Location: Mang Kon – Khan Di Alley, Thepharak Road,
Phraekasa Mai Sub-district, Mueang Samut Prakan District, Samut Prakan Province
Tel./Fax. 02-174-1022   Mobile: 081-4580240   
 Line ID: 0814580240

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Our 20-year translation is the most outstanding strength of PIM Translation Co., Ltd.
Languages so offered

รับแปลภาษาอังกฤษ ติดต่อแปลภาษาอังกฤษ English Translation
English   Chinese
 รับแปลภาษาเยอรมัน รับแปลไทยเป็นเยอรมัน รับแปลอังกฤษเป็นเยอรมัน German   Korean
 รับแปลภาษาเขมร รับแปลภาษากัมพูชา ติดต่อแปลภาษากัมพูชา แปลภาษาเขมร Khmer   Romanian   Spanish
  Italian   Lao   Portuguese
  Russian   Myanmar  Vietnamese  Vietnamese

We also provide express translation service with full 20-year translation experiences.
English – Thai and Thai – English Translations  on Law, i.e., contract and agreement of all kinds, such as lease agreement, service agreement, agreement to sell, sale agreement, judgment, plaint, certificate of BOI, MOU, and so forth.  
English – Thai and Thai – English Translations  on accounting and business i.e.,
- Financial statements, statement of income, statement of financial position, etc.;
- Minute of general meeting;
- Annual report;
- Safety manual;
- Work regulation;
- Handbook for industrial machinery;
- Business letter,
- etc.

Governmental legal documents translation for visa application, certification by Department of Consular Affairs, such as certificate, certificate of birth, certificate of divorce, certification of marriage, house registration, ID card, transcript, academic degree, land title deed, etc.  
Academic Document Translation, i.e., abstract, essay, article, resume writing, etc.   
Educational assignment, Documents concerning sciences, business administration, public administration, law, political science, accounting, research, etc.
Translation for Certification by Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Deliver original copy to us for calculating the translation fee and details of certification by Department of Consular Affairs;
  • Agree to use our translation and certification services together with original documents to be translated and certified, for instance, Power of Attorney, copy of Passport (in the case of foreigner) or copy of ID Card (in the case of Thai person); 
  • Proceed certification at Department of Consular Affairs;
  • Deliver certified documents via EMS free of charge and to foreign countries as per the Notification of Thailand Post. 

Remarks:  We shall not translate the governmental documents which client shall file certifying application by himself/herself at Department of Consular Affairs to avoid any correction because Department of Consular Affairs often corrects every document. We are pleased to contact Department of Consular Affairs on your behalf up to completion and delivery to you.  

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Financial Statements Translation (Example of source and target languages)

 Financial statements indicate the business achievement; as a result, financial statements preparation under the Rules of The Revenue Department and the Stock Exchange of Thailand needs English translation version. PIM Translation would like to propose you our financial statements. Our performances are shown in our website for your confidence in our performances. This service is rendered by the translator (owner) who has completed Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy Program from Chulalongkorn University and Master’s Degree in Business Administration Program from Thammasat University who used to work for a top five audit firm.

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PIM Translation Co., Ltd.,

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Tel. 02-1741022 Mobile: 081-4580240 Line ID : 0814580240